HomeHandyGuy Inc. is dedicated to offering prospective clients a way to renovate their kitchen without the stress and confusion we all hear about every day. 

We approach each project with respect and concern for your home.  Our renovation program is designed to give the responsibility for successful completion of a project to one person.  Never allowing sub trades in your home without us being there, cleaning up after each day’s work and only asking for payment after the job is complete according to our proposal is the way we want to do business.  Everything is discussed up front so there will be no surprises.

This ethic is what we offer to you.  Each of our divisions operates under the same rules.  Respect your client, respect their home and give them the very best service you can.  Quality service, quality people and quality products can make renovating your kitchen an exciting time for you and your family.

If you ever have any issues or concerns about HomeHandyGuy Inc. please contact me directly.
Thank you and I hope you enjoy your new kitchen.


Harvey Hoffman, President
HomeHandyGuy Inc.
t. 780.993.8735
e-mail   harvey@homehandyguy.com


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